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022415 hiding plain site

Do you have high-capacity donors hiding in plain sight?  Chances are you do and you may not know it.

Most organizations are sitting on a wealth of donor intelligence data they don’t take the time to dig through. Today’s technology allows us to collect and analyze a plethora of data about our donors, but what is that data and how can it help you reveal the hidden gems in your file?  How can you leverage it efficiently to find your prospects, deepen your relationship with them and upgrade their giving?

5 Ways to Identify High-Capacity Donors Hiding in Your Donor File

Finding the “millionaire next door” and other high net worth individuals hiding out in your file starts with learning how your donors are currently interacting with you. Here are 5 tips to help you get started:

  1. Identify donors who donate to your annual fund, as well as attend your fundraising events.
  2. Prioritize the donors who are opening your emails over those that automatically hit delete.
  3. Look for ways to engage donors based on their activity and interests. For example — What stories are they clicking on in your newsletter? Are they volunteering or advocating for your organization?
  4. Look for those who are actively promoting or sharing about your organization through social media: liking, sharing, etc.
  5. Use social media and search tools to connect and learn more about your donors. Set up a google alert for your top prospects, follow them on Twitter, and add them to your LinkedIn network.

Above all else, prioritize any self-initiated actions your donors take to better inform you. For example, if you’ve had a donor contact you about an address change, congratulations! They have self-identified as a key prospect for planned giving and monthly giving!  If they asked their employer about corporate matching gifts or sent a message with their gift, they’re telling you they have an elevated affinity for your mission and they are raising their hand to be cultivated at a deeper level.

Hungry for more tips and tools to find high-capacity prospects?  

You can download our guide, 21 Tips & Tools to Identify & Reach Your Best Donor Prospects, as a free resource.