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Many nonprofit leaders wake up every day plagued by the same obstacles they faced the day before.

  • Overall results have been stagnant since the Great Recession despite the fact that the cost of fundraising continues to rise.
  • Your gift officers face an incredible amount of pressure to meet their goals, but you wonder if they’re equipped with everything they need.
  • You have better tools and more information about your donors than ever before, but still haven’t been able to connect it in a way that moves the needle.

The good news is that data and technology provide you with a new way of thinking about today’s fundraising challenges. The question is… Will you use them?

INFOGRAPHIC: 10 Ways to Fundraise Smarter, Not Harder

At Pursuant, we’ve seen how data-driven strategies and technology-enabled tools can impact your efforts to reach more donors and raise more money. We call it Intelligent Fundraising.

In our latest infographic, we unpack 10 simple ways your nonprofit can leverage both to fundraise smarter, not harder.

For example…

  • Analyze your data to make smarter decisions about your fundraising strategy or upcoming campaign.
  • Equip your team to engage donors with the greatest capacity and interest.
  • Engage donors through a more personalized experience using automation and segmentation.

There’s no denying that the nonprofit landscape has changed, but are you making fundraising harder than it has to be? Have you ever wondered how your organization can leverage data and technology to fundraise smarter, not harder?

Download the infographic today!