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Nonprofits are always searching for ways to acquire new donors. However, there is a serious dilemma happening behind the scenes and it’s causing nonprofits to lose out on potentially hundreds-of-thousands, if not millions, of dollars each year.

Donor retention is a serious problem for many nonprofits

According to the latest research:

  • Many of today’s nonprofit organizations are losing donors almost as fast than they can gain them.
  • Donor retention rates have steadily declined for the past six years.
  • A majority of fundraising professionals are familiar with the idea of donor retention, but aren’t sure if they have a formal strategy for retaining donors.

Fortunately, there’s good news…

Any organization can reverse these trends with the right information and strategy.

In this infographic, we wanted to do more than raise awareness about the alarming trends in donor retention. We wanted to provide you with a practical step-by-step process for how you can improve your current retention strategy and results.

If you want to learn more about the startling donor retention trends and how your organization can overcome them, don’t miss our infographic, “The Donor Retention Dilemma: 5 Alarming Trends (And How to Reverse Them).