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If you have followed Pursuant very closely in the last six months you have probably heard about the Relationship Fundraising Research we co-sponsored that was released earlier this year. The four-volume research was a year in the making. When it was released and then highlighted at AFP in Boston in March it was really a huge moment. We saw for the first time in a long time a real connection between boots on the ground fundraisers and academic research.

We knew then that this wasn’t over.

So, we are thrilled to announce that we are partnering with Dr. Adrian Sargeant and Rogare, the fundraising think tank that is housed within Plymouth University’s Hartsook Centre for Sustainable Philanthropy, where Dr. Sargeant serves as director, to bring a “critical fundraising” movement to North America.

Pursuant is the Lead Associate Member in North America, with Curt Swindoll, executive vice president, and Hilary Noon, vice president, market solutions, joining the advisory panel. Associate Members are commercial partners to the fundraising sector who share Rogare’s critical fundraising ethos.

The main task for advisory panel members is to ensure that new ideas that come out of Rogare – such as the relationship fundraising review – are translated into professional practice. Panel members will also identify gaps in the profession’s knowledge base that Rogare can fill.

We’re thrilled to announce that we are recruiting North American thought leaders to join the panel. We are leading the panel’s efforts to apply this critical approach into professional practice. In addition, Pursuant will be hosting a retreat for the US and Canadian members of the advisory panel in Colorado Springs, CO this November.

Our own CEO Trent Ricker had this to say:

“Pursuant is thrilled at the opportunity to partner with Rogare to launch Rogare in North America. At Pursuant, we have been long committed to challenging ‘business as usual’ thinking in the nonprofit space. Rogare is in many ways our perfect academic match in this commitment. We’ve been impressed with their work, most recently on the relationship fundraising research, and we believe that the next step is to connect Rogare with the brightest nonprofit thinkers in North America. We’re excited to lead the effort in recruiting leaders across the nonprofit space to join Rogare’s advisory panel in the USA and Canada.”

Interested in joining Rogare’s advisory panel and sitting at the table with Dr. Adrian Sargeant and company this November? The deadline to apply is July 1. Download the application here.