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Today is a day where many nonprofit leaders and fundraising professionals spend time celebrating the past and contemplating for the future.

However, if the past is any indication of the future, we can be certain change is on the horizon.

How will technology enable nonprofits to overcome today’s fundraising challenges?

What role will big data play?

What will your organization look like in 2020?

Will it even exist?

The fundraising world has changed significantly in the past decade. The expectations of today’s donors are significantly different than those of the past. Acquiring, retaining, and earning the attention of our donors has become increasingly difficult.

The Future of Fundraising: Four Trends that Will Change the Nonprofit Landscape by 2020

In this resource, we take an in-depth look at four emerging fundraising trends in today’s world of fundraising and offers predictions for how they might significantly change the nonprofit landscape in the next five years. The resource also includes practical next steps your organization can take to adapt and leverage each trend to make an even greater impact in the next five years.

Download The Future of Fundraising today to learn about the most significant trends impacting today’s fundraising world and how you can confidently lead your organization towards a bright future.