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See GivingDNA in action alongside your peers in fundraising. Tour the Platform on 5/26/21 @ 12pm CDT.

We’re introducing some exciting new solutions to help you eliminate the guesswork of fundraising and develop data-driven strategies to achieve your vision. Reserve some time here with one of our team members to learn more or stop by our booth (#451 & #550). And don’t miss two exciting sessions that we will be a part of:


Sunday, April 30 | 12:30 – 1:45 PM | Moscone West Conference Center Room 2004
Rachel Muir, CFRE, Vice President of Training, Pursuant
Mark Rovner, Principal, Founder & CEO, Sea Change Strategies

“It’s like direct response and major gifts had a horrible divorce and they’re only speaking to each other because of the kids.” In the battle over getting credit for a gift, warring camps vie against each other, losing valuable time, money, and morale. Are your development operations set up for success? Are major gifts and direct mail fighting over donors or who gets credit? Is the program team at war with development? Whether it’s major gifts and direct response, programs and development, or even your board and staff, you need everyone singing from the same songbook. Healthy major gift programs grow out of strong direct response programs. Thriving mid-level programs only come from successful relationships between these departments. But how do you get them playing nice in the sandbox? Let our experts show you how!


Tuesday, May 2 | 3:15 PM – 4:30 PM | Moscone West Conference Center Room 2009
Dr. Adrian Sargeant, University of Plymouth
Jay Love, Founder/CEO of Bloomerang
Rachel Muir, CFRE, Vice President of Training, Pursuant

Many organizations embrace the philosophy of being donor-centered, but how that looks in practice is fundamentally critical to your bottom line. We treat donor stewardship as a luxury, an afterthought, or worse yet, a cost center. But good donor services can add thousands to hundreds of thousands to your bottom line. The commercial world spends billions to understand how to drive loyalty and boost 90% retention. Why are we so far off and what can we learn from our favorite brands? What are the factors that drive loyalty? How can you enhance donor satisfaction, commitment, and trust? This session will provide winning donor communication examples from around the globe and introduce affordable digital tools to help you guarantee a long term future with your donors.

We look forward to seeing you in San Francisco!