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Instead of working with multiple tools, nonprofits can now enjoy a single, easy-to-use and affordable platform with a true end-to-end fundraising solution for organizations and agencies alike.

Pursuant, the only provider of 360-degree solutions for fundraisers, has unveiled upgrades to its GivingDNA™ platform that expand its already powerful capabilities. Users can now:

    • Discover comprehensive donor profiles. GivingDNA™ takes a nonprofit’s donor file and combines it with fully licensed, publicly available data from partner Acxiom to reveal insights about constituents. This information allows nonprofits to optimize outreach through segmentation and personalization at a fraction of the time and cost it would otherwise take.
    • Quickly produce donor dossiers. Using opportunity segments automatically generated by GivingDNA™ or segments they customize themselves, fundraisers can zero in on individuals to learn about their household income, RFM score, demographic data, and more. Major gifts teams still working manually to produce the same data can now enjoy an automated solution.
  • Identify prospects with just one click. Fundraisers who wish to create and tailor prospect lists will benefit from a more focused research tool. Purpose-built by industry veterans, GivingDNA™ offers a new pathway to untapped major donors.

In a single platform, these features encompass the full fundraising lifecycle. From seeking new donors to nurturing existing supporters and upgrading their giving, fundraisers turn to GivingDNA™ for automated solutions and guided insights to act on.

“Fueled by today’s predictive modeling and augmented intelligence approach, we’re democratizing data so fundraisers and marketers can make data-driven decisions that inform strategy,” said Pursuant CEO Trent Ricker, pointing to the successes of such clients as the Houston SPCA, Second Harvest Food Bank of Middle Tennessee, and the Community Health Network Foundation.

“With a few clicks, we identified 450 well-qualified prospects for our mid-level and major gift pipelines,” said Jamie Spiva, senior director of leadership giving at Houston SPCA. “GivingDNA™ saved us days of research, data entry, and headaches. With minimal cultivation (only two emails and one phone call), we received a $100,000 gift from a donor who had previously given $500–$2,500 on an annual basis.” The organization has since gone to raise another $100,000 using the same toolset and strategy.

GivingDNA™ users, who run the gamut from newly minted, smaller nonprofits to larger, well-known organizations, can expect similar results. The platform’s intuitive design and helpful nudges empower users to act immediately without seeking support from analysts or IT staff.

The platform can also be used by fundraisers at every level of the giving pyramid from annual fund to major gifts initiatives, so fundraising teams throughout an organization can draw from the same toolkit, creating greater cohesion. Redundant tools can be set aside, or GivingDNA™ can complement existing tools. The platform was designed by and for industry insiders, so users can rest easy knowing that they’re working with a tool purpose-built for them alone.

Lastly, users who want additional support can enjoy an extensive library of GivingDNA™ video tutorials and resources at their disposal, as well as direct response agency services available through Pursuant.

“A deep bench of technologists, nonprofit leaders, and investors means we can advise organizations on fundraising strategies and tactics, as well as act as an information hub,” said Rebecca Gregory Segovia, executive vice president at Pursuant. “We’ll work with you on a human-to-human level to turn powerful, data-driven insights into measurable, actionable results — augmented intelligence, if you will.”

To schedule a demo of GivingDNA™, visit https://www.givingdna.com or email rebecca.segovia@pursuant.com.

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