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One of the most effective and untapped strategies for a successful year-end campaign is accessing something you already have: the past.

In general, the strongest fundraising campaigns are based on extensive donor analytics. The past giving patterns and behavioral insights of your donors can be a valuable source of information when it comes to determining how you’re going to reach them and what you are going to ask.

How can you leverage the “past” for future fundraising success?

The answer is simple: Segment your donors and develop a specific strategy for engaging each audience. Here are two practical ways your organization can improve your year-end communication strategy (and ultimately your fundraising results) by segmenting your donors:

  1. Start by looking at data from the past year. Technology today makes it incredibly easy to know your donors. Based on the information in your donor database, consider segmenting your donors into different audiences based on donors that traditionally given during the end of the year, new donors, major donors, donors who gave to a particular program or service, etc.
  2. Identify each group’s targeted messaging. Once you answer these questions, you can then take that data and craft targeted messaging based on donor personas.. Make use of communications technology to create conditional content that sends specially crafted messaging according to past behavior and donor interests. The more specific you can be in your asks, the better your results will be.

Knowing  who your donors are, their propensity and capacity to give, and their specific interests can be an incredible resource when it comes to informing the strategic decisions for your year-end campaign. One of the best ways to achieve future fundraising success is by looking into your past.

How is your organization currently segmenting and engaging donors as you prepare for your year-end campaign?