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Nonprofits have more access to data and analytics than ever before. But as you may well know, accessible doesn’t always mean actionable. Having access to so much data should be able to help us fundraise more effectively, but often it just leaves us overwhelmed. So where do you begin? Here are three questions to answer to determine which metrics you should be tracking at your organization:

3 Questions to Answer to Determine Which Metrics Matter Most for Your Organization

1. What is my organization’s vision?

2. What are the objectives that drive that vision?

3. How do we know if we are successful in meeting those objectives?

On April 25, Hilary Noon, senior vice president of insight, analytics, and experience and Sucharita Otta, vice president of analytics, will lead a webinar, How to Win at Data-Driven Fundraising, where they will discuss how your answers to the questions above paired with best practices will help you win at data-driven fundraising.

Hilary and Sucharita will also cover:

  • The top metrics to measure the health of your file and donor relationships
  • Simple ways to use data to drive your fundraising strategy
  • Practical lessons from real organizations

On April 25 discover the most important fundraising metrics for your organization. Register today.