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On June 8, Curt Swindoll hosted a webinar on the five pillars of fundraising strategy. He talked about a new perspective on strategy that can help you learn more about your donors, drive them up the pyramid, and engage them across all channels. Click here to view part one of the webinar synopsis.

Behavioral data is integrated into donor profiles and contact strategies

We view the relationship we have with donors with a lifecycle mindset, something we call the Pursuant Paradigm. We are actively working to attract new donors to an organization, then to encourage people to join or engage in the organization’s cause, then building donor relationships and multiplying them over time.

The center of the lifecycle circles around donor interests. They are at the core of our communication and relationship development process. We must connect the things the donor is interested in to the things we’re doing if we want that relationship to mature, develop, and grow over time.

At Pursuant we focus on donor intelligence to truly understand what donors want. We capture donor interests through behavioral data; when we send out a survey, we’re not just capturing responses. We capture information on what someone viewed or did not view, for how long, where they clicked, what part of a site they visited. We combine that knowledge with someone’s past giving habits, past involvement with an organization, and wealth or lifestyle data to truly get the bigger picture on their interests. This allows us to target specific areas of giving interest through the tracking of engagement and behavioral indicators.

Donor intelligence can also help drive people through the pyramid. It can enable organizations to predict which donors might be receptive to a commitment at a mid-tier level before they’ve ever made a gift. Or, we can use donor intelligence to proactively identify potential donors at all levels.