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030515 future of fundraising

Think back on some of your top customer experiences with businesses you frequent.

Do you remember a particular “wow” experience?

For-profit companies offer consumers intense personalization, intuitive response mechanisms, convenience, and a plethora of options. Consider what your last online shopping experience was like on Amazon for example. Amazon remembers your recently purchased items, remembers your credit card information and even offers to show you similar items that pair well with what’s in your shopping cart. These same Amazon customers are donors and they now expect the same first-rate experience with your nonprofit. The future of the first-rate donor experience is now.

What does this mean for fundraising professionals?

Consider this: nonprofit constituents are also marketplace consumers—and major national brands, such as Amazon and Apple, have set the standard for the customer experience. We have to know more about our donors in order to get them to give at maximum capacity. Being responsive to those motivations will be key to future fundraising success, and an integrated cross-channel approach will allow for the most donor personalization.

Recent research reveals that consumer preferences don’t neatly organize according to age, gender, and income demographics. Changes in donor communication and giving preferences are similar to current consumer trends.

How can your organization adapt to the changes in donor communication?

In order to maximize the potential of any given donor, we must know their personality, passion and what they value. An integrated cross-channel strategy is critical to meeting donors’ expectations while also leveraging their interests to prompt them to take a desired action.


What can you implement into your nonprofit marketing strategy from those experiences?