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Have you ever marveled at campaigns like Red Nose Day and the Ice Bucket Challenge and thought, “Why can’t we do something like that for our organization?”

Despite popular stories about “viral” fundraising success, many nonprofit leaders have many questions about digital fundraising…

Why do some campaigns “go viral” while others never take off?

How can social media make a tangible impact on our fundraising goals?

INFOGRAPHIC: How to Convert Fans & Followers into Donors & Dollars

The Exponential Potential of Digital Fundraising infographic unpacks a six-step strategy that has helped nonprofits achieve fundraising results such as…

  • Acquiring 25,000 donor prospects through social campaigns.
  • Raising $50,000 from first-time donors in 2 weeks.
  • Increasing the average gift size by 40% from reactivated donors.

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