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Have you ever looked at campaigns like Red Nose Day or the Ice Bucket Challenge and thought to yourself, “Why can’t we do something like that for our organization?”

If so, you’re not alone.

Despite the frequent stories of “viral” fundraising success, many nonprofit leaders still have a lot of questions when it comes to digital fundraising…

Is digital fundraising the right strategy for our organization?

Why do some campaigns “go viral” while others never take off?

How can we leverage social media to make a tangible impact on our fundraising goals?

INFOGRAPHIC: How to Convert Fans & Followers into Donors & Dollars

Our latest resource was designed to help you answer those questions.

In The Exponential Potential of Digital Fundraising Infographic, we share a seven-step strategy that has helped nonprofits reach more donors and raise more money:

  1. Build a deliberate social media strategy. The stronger your social media presence is to begin with, the more effective your digital fundraising campaign will be.
  2. Plan strategically for maximum impact. Your digital fundraising campaign should fit into your nonprofit’s overall fundraising rhythm or leverage a calendar event.
  3. Set quantifiable goals. Every digital fundraising campaign should exist to solve a problem and be measured accordingly.
  4. Maximize opportunities to develop a pre-launch buzz. A digital fundraising campaign isn’t effective when no one knows it exists.
  5. Design an engaging experience. Design something you’d actually want to share with your friends and look for ways to connect your campaign to your organization’s mission.
  6. Leverage the native benefits of the Internet. The “viral” effect of your campaign is directly proportional to the incentive you offer and how easy it is to participate.
  7. Develop a strategy for turning participation into donations.Want to learn more about how digital fundraising can help you turn fans and followers into donors and dollars?

Download the infographic today!