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Most nonprofit leaders feel frustrated with their boards.  In every webinar, classroom  training or custom training I do, I hear about lackluster boards. The number one complaint is always the same… “They aren’t fundraising.”

10 Ways Nonprofit Boards Can Fundraise Without Making an Ask

Do you have board members who aren’t fundraising?  I have 10 ways to fix that! The bonus part?  They don’t even have to make an ask!

  1.     Make their own gift.
  1.     Call donors to thank them.
  1.     Name your organization in their will.
  1.     Invite 10 of their key contacts to a private tour of the organization.
  1.     Host an intimate cultivation event in their home.
  1.     Get assigned 2 to 3 donors to cultivate.
  1.     Take on a project to increase community awareness about the organization.
  1.     Share how money makes an impact at the organization.
  1.     Collect and share client testimonials.
  1.  Write an article for your newsletter or blog on why your organization is important to them.
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