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The request for proposal (RFP) process is a commonly accepted practice within the nonprofit industry, but it may not be serving you too well — either as the requester or the responder. In fact, both parties may be short-changing themselves by limiting their ability to engage in a successful partnership. And it’s all due to the simple fact that the typical RFP procedure is missing some key elements and failing to ask the right questions, given today’s philanthropic landscape, to properly vet a potential partnership.

Are You Asking the Right Questions to Help you Find the Right Partner?

If your organization’s past experiences with RFPs have been disappointing, we invite you to discover some possible reasons why. Pursuant’s Executive Vice President, Kelley Stewart, who has experience on both sides of the RFP process addresses some of the common challenges in this resource.

In “Request for Proposal: Are You Asking the Questions That Will Help You Find the Right Partner?” Kelley shares…

  • Insights into some of the inherent problems with the current RFP procedure.
  • Tips to identify the obstacles and opportunities within your current RFP process.
  • Proven ways to optimize your process for finding the right.

Are you ready to help your organization secure the best possible partnerships moving forward?