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An effective integrated approach to fundraising will engage prospects, increase donor response, and raise revenue, while strengthening your brand across relevant communication channels.

The Benefits of an Integrated Strategy

When your organization employs an integrated strategy, you can:

  • Identify your best donors and prospects. By tracking donor behavior and preferences, you can better engage your organization’s most dedicated donors and most promising prospects, while also identifying those who should be “blessed and released.”
  • Cultivate deeper, more relevant relationships. Talking to donor segments in light of what you know about them will encourage their sense of connection to your organization. Continually refining this information will help increase your ability to personalize each message.
  • Lower costs and reduce lost opportunities. Precious resources are wasted while trying to gain or reactivate disinterested prospects and past donors. An integrated strategy increases fundraising effectiveness by allowing resources to be directed where they will have the greatest impact and provide maximum donor engagement through targeted messaging in thoughtfully chosen channels.
  • Reduce donor frustration. Knowing when and how your donors prefer to be solicited can greatly improve their response rate to your requests. Creating an intuitive way for them to respond is also an important part of the process.
  • Increase the lifetime value of donors. Successful integrated fundraising will provide the highest rate of return over the life cycle of most supporters. By focusing on and measuring lifetime value, you seek to develop long-term relationships with donors while removing the temptation to use flashy tactics that may contribute only short-term value and detract from the overall strategy.
  • Empower supporters to promote your cause. Using the most current technology can give your most enthusiastic supporters a way to spread your message and mission to their networks and their friends’ networks, thereby reinforcing your cross-channel strategy and maximizing your return.