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The end of the year is “make or break” time in the life of nonprofits. Maybe it’s because of the Olympics but I can’t help but be reminded that in sports, as in fundraising, every second counts.

Year end is also a time in which you’re competing with thousands of other nonprofits who are vying for the attention of your constituents. The average nonprofit sends seven emails in December. Year end is a very noisy time.

So what can you do now to set your organization up for year end success?

  1. Acquire and engage donors with an immersive experience before making an ask. Prospects and donors will be far more likely to give if you intentionally engage them in a compelling way before soliciting them for a year-end gift. Provide donors a way to share your mission with their network before asking them to give. Here is a practical guide on making your organization more donor-centric.
  2. Present a timely and relevant case for support for every donor. The closer a donor feels to your cause, the more likely they are to give. Personalize the case for support for your donors and optimize the timing of the ask based on what you know about their unique passions and interests. This donor-centric copy checklist will help you make sure your case for support speaks the language of your donor.
  3. Drive momentum toward a strong finish for your campaign. Nonprofits that rally donors around a goal and encourage them to take ownership see tremendous success in their year-end campaign. Invite donors to join the movement to raise a specific amount by a certain date. Download this infographic to see what you can do to effectively engage donors before making an ask.
  4. Quickly connect donors to impact and results after the campaign. Winning the long-term support and affinity of your donors is just as important as winning the campaign. Promptly follow up with donors and share the specific impact and results of their gift. Learn more about the long-game of winning the hearts of your donors by reading the relationship fundraising pocket guide.

Now is the time to gear up for your year end fundraising. Don’t end this year wishing you had more time. Beat the clock and finish strong.