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As part of our project to review and ‘refashion’ relationship fundraising, we wanted to get a sense of how relationship fundraising practitioners viewed their current practice, what they saw as relationship fundraising’s strengths and weaknesses, and what challenges it would face in the future.

We assembled an advisory group and asked them to complete a written questionnaire responding to the following seven questions.

1. How do you define ‘relationship fundraising’ and what do you consider the goal of relationship fundraising to be?
2. For what and how do you employ relationship fundraising principles in your work?
3. What do you think are the strengths of relationship fundraising?
4. What do you think are the weaknesses of relationship fundraising?
5. If not covered in questions 3 and 4, what are the issues relating to relationship fundraising that you are currently wrestling with?
6. Considering the thinking you have engaged in to deal with the issues arising from questions 3, 4, and 5, what lessons have accrued from this?
7. How do you see relationship fundraising developing in the future, if at all?

Take a look at Volume 3 in this series to learn about the trends and challenges that were identified.

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