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Pursuant Blog Pics 10.24.007It takes a lot of “no’s”  to get to a “yes,” but the truth about fundraising is that the hardest part isn’t the ask, is getting the visit to make the ask!  To help you get that all important face-to-face visit I’ve outlined seven of the most common objections a prospect or donor might have to taking a meeting and how you can overcome them.

“Are you going to ask me for money?”

Response:  “We would ultimately like to earn your support. However, I would really enjoy the opportunity to tell you about many of the positive results of your support. ”

“I cannot meet during work hours.”

Response:  “I understand. How about we meet for an early cup of coffee before the day gets started or something at the end of the day?”

“I don’t have time right now”

Response: “When would be a better time to call?”

“I can’t afford the amount you want.”

Response: “The amount is completely up to you.  Let’s sit down together, discuss it and then you can decide.”

“I gave because of your work on ________, but I don’t like the position you’ve taken on ________.”

Response:  “I am so sorry.  I want to hear more about your concerns.  Can we talk with you about this so I can better understand?  I want to hear your thoughts on this.”

“I support so many other groups and I’m tapped out for this year.”

Response: “I know the feeling.  Tell you what – let’s take money off the table.  I’d still like to meet with you because a) I want to thank you for your generous support from last year and b) when you are planning for next year, perhaps you could remember us then.  So let’s assume you won’t be giving now, I hear that.  But I’d still like to meet.  When would be a good time?”

“We’re down to one income and we don’t have the money.”

Response: “I’m sorry to hear that.  Is there some other way you’d like to be involved in our work?”


What are some other common objections to getting a face-to-face meeting with a potential donor?