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The phrase “culture of philanthropy” has become one of the hottest in the nonprofit world over the past few years. And today it’s not uncommon for a nonprofit leader or development director to talk about building one within their organization. However, what is uncommon is having the ability to collectively articulate what exactly that phrase means, how it looks, how it should be measured, and how those whom the organization serves may benefit from such a culture.

How to Create a Culture of Philanthropy in 2015

If you want to learn how to build a culture of philanthropy that runs throughout your organization in 2015, here are three resources that will help:

  1. True or False: Your Nonprofit has a Culture of Philanthropy. The first step to developing a culture of philanthropy is to evaluate the current state of your organization. In this post, Rachel Muir shares five “true or false” statements that will help you determine if your current culture has the characteristics of a culture of philanthropy.
  2. Rethinking a Culture of Philanthropy. If your current systems and processes are helping you build a culture of philanthropy within your organization, great! If not, here’s a resource that will help you get started.
  3. Create a Culture of Philanthropy by Breaking Down Walls.Breaking down the walls between your program and development departments can transform your team into a healthy, thriving, unified force that creates a true culture of philanthropy within your organization. Rachel Muir shares a step-by-step guide in this free webinar.

What are some ways you organization has worked to develop a culture of philanthropy throughout your organization?