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At Pursuant, we treat every client as if they are our only client. We care passionately about what you care about. We love to work alongside you and use our expertise and technology to help blow your expectations for your organization out of the water.

We were so privileged to work with the University of Alabama Athletics at the tail end of their successful 2014-2015 football season to raise money to support the school’s athletic program. Pursuant was brought in to help the athletic department create a game plan for capitalizing on the program’s national popularity and to build a philanthropic dynasty for the future of the program.

We did our homework on the special program that Alabama has and we determined that our Plant Your Flag Campaign could be a phenomenal success when paired with Alabama’s avid fans and alumni. The campaign was specifically designed to help Alabama acquire new donors, convert fans to philanthropists, and drive philanthropic revenue for the Alabama athletic program.

Over the course of just two weeks, Alabama not only hit their fundraising goal—they more than doubled it!

Every day it’s a privilege to help manifest the dreams of our incredible clients. Thank you for letting us help you reach your goals.

Want to have success like the University of Alabama in your organization? Learn more about Pursuant’s Plant Your Flag Campaign here.