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With an important mission to accomplish and day-to-day challenges in your path, how can your organization break through to acquire new donors?

At Pursuant, we’ve found effective acquisition requires the convergence of both science and art. Science is data-driven strategies that allow you to target the right donors. Art is the experience you create to inspire and convert them.

The Art & Science of Acquisition: 10 Keys to Identify & Convert Your Best New Donors

This content paper unpacks how you can leverage both art and science to take your acquisition efforts to the next level. You will learn:

  • Five keys to identifying your best acquisition targets
  • Five keys to converting your impressions into donors
  • How to lay the groundwork to develop deep, lasting relationships with new donors

Download The Art & Science of Acquisition today to find out how to acquire committed donors who will improve the overall health of your fundraising and keep the needle for your mission moving forward.