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You’ve probably heard a lot about how data can make your fundraising smarter. But what does that really mean for your organization? What does data-driven fundraising actually look like? How can you apply data to deliver real results?

Because seeing is believing (and understanding), we wanted to provide an example of data-driven fundraising in action. By determining what they wanted to achieve and taking an in-depth look at their data, this organization was able to achieve incredible results. And guess what? You can too.

Case Study: Taking a Data-Driven Approach to Triple Fundraising Revenue

Since 1976, Community Health Network Foundation has worked to raise and steward financial support for Community Health Network, a non-pro t health system providing a full continuum of care through more than 200 sites and hundreds of physicians throughout Central Indiana.

Their Challenge

Like many regional healthcare foundations, Community received a signi cant number of donations from their employees. Heading into 2017, the foundation was looking for new ways to diversify revenue sources and acquire more donors.

How They Used Data

After getting a comprehensive understanding of their data from year-over-year analysis, Community worked to set a breakthrough fundraising goal of raising signi cant more during their year end campaign. The leadership team was able to leverage the insights from the data to establish their baselines, then track metrics against this goal to hold their team accountable to it.

The Impact

As a result of their clear vision and rigorous tracking, Community nearly met their goal, raising more than 3 times more than the previous year. They have now set an even more aggressive goal for 2018, and they’re on pace to reach it—fueled by another clear vision, sharpened focus, and adherence to a data-driven philosophy.

How Data Can Help Inspire Your Organization to Achieve Incredible Goals

This case study shows how data can be used to assist in developing a breakthrough fundraising goal for your organization and tracking your progress toward that goal. It also shows how data can help your nonprofit clearly visualize the strides you are making and inspire everyone in your organization to achieve more than you ever thought possible.   

To learn how you can apply data to achieve a breakthrough goal for your organization, download “The Field Guide for Data-Driven Fundraising” now.