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It’s not always easy for fundraising and nonprofit marketers to navigate today’s digitally driven world.

What is the best way to create content that will reach donors in a meaningful way?

To answer your burning digital questions, Pursuant’s resident digital expert, Tina Ly, has forecasted some trends that should be top of mind for this year’s strategies in the digital marketing space.


#1 ) Content Marketing is Key

It’s more important than ever to present content that is relevant to your audience. Being active across channels and putting out the latest news is no longer enough to keep audiences engaged. Marketers should be intentional in their communications. Ask yourself what value you are providing to the viewer. If you only had a small amount of emails you could send per year, what would be the most critical information to communicate?


#2) Tap Into the Subscription Mentality

People love to “set and forget”. The ability to set up a recurring gift is highly appealing to today’s donor market. Effective communication through follow-up emails each time a gift is made will help you build deep relationships with sustaining donors. Go above and beyond by sending out gift anniversary emails with no ask associated, purely stewardship.


#3) Social Listening Can Teach You A Lot About Your Supporters

How can you learn the types of content that are most important to your donors? There are several ways you can put social listening to use in your digital strategy.

  • Direct– Send out surveys to your social media followers and email list subscribers.
  • Indirect– Use analytics on newsletters to determine what people are clicking on the most. Keep in mind this data may be skewed by items at the top of the page, as they tend to be clicked most often.
  • Split Testing– You can test the variables on your paid social media campaigns to discover what your audience responds best to. Use A/B testing to share different articles, photos, and other content and then use whichever option has the most engagement for your organic campaigns.

#4) Consider Accessibility

As the population ages, there are more and more people who struggle to view content online. When designing content for your organization, be as inclusive as possible of people with disabilities or vision impairments. There are many free tools and apps you can leverage to add captions to your videos or make communications easier for smart devices to read aloud.

To learn more about how to get the best value out of your content marketing, listen Pursuant’s full podcast interview with Tina Ly at https://old2020.pursuant.com/podcast/digital-fundraising-trends/.