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It’s easy to forget what it feels like to be a donor. After years of working in fundraising, it can be hard to remember how it feels to send a gift, then sit around wondering what it was used for, or why you haven’t heard back.

Too often, messages organizations send celebrate their own wins. The truth is, donors want to know how they are changing lives and making a difference — not you.

Understanding that distinction is key to what we call “Donor-Centric Fundraising.”


Demystifying Donor-Centric Fundraising was created to help you make your donors feel like heroes. By changing the way you communicate, you will increase donor retention, build a healthier culture in your organization, and deepen engagement across all levels of the donor pyramid.

In this resource, you’ll learn how to …

  • Create instant donor satisfaction that drives commitment to your cause.
  • Discover what motivates donors to give year after year.
  • Set key benchmarks for measuring a donor’s relationship with your organization.

The nonprofit world has become increasingly crowded, making it more difficult than ever to capture the attention and interest of donors.

Stop investing in campaigns aimed at “shouting your message” at donors. By interacting in more personal and impactful ways with the donors already in your file, you can refocus on what you and your donors care about the most: your cause.

Download Demystifying Donor-Centric Fundraising to get started today!