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We are told that analytics and data should help us be smarter about how we fundraise. But it can be difficult to know where to start.

At Pursuant, we’re passionate about helping nonprofits transform their data into actionable insights that drive greater fundraising results. Here’s a short video explaining why…

Transform Your Fundraising with Data

When it comes to data, how do you determine what is really important and what is actionable? And, ultimately, how do you use data to develop more effective fundraising strategies?

Those are the questions we aim to answer in this resource. In this content paper, you will learn:

  • Five high-level steps you can take today to translate your business objectives into actionable data
  • Real-world case studies showing you how other nonprofit organizations are using data to achieve their fundraising goals
  • A worksheet with thought starters to help your team find the right focus and begin building a data-driven culture

Download The Field Guide to Data-Driven Fundraising today to learn how you can start putting data to work for your organization and move the needle on your most important goals.