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Just a few short weeks ago, we welcomed a new year and a new decade!

Now that 2020 is in full swing, it’s time to set goals for your organization and put a plan of action in place to achieve them. As a way to help you get back into the swing of things after your holiday break, we wanted to revisit some of our top resources from 2019 months in case you missed them.

3 Fundraising Resources You Might Have Missed in 2019

Here are three of our most popular resources that can help you prepare as you gear up for a busy season of fundraising:

1. Accelerate Your Mid-Level Fundraising Program (On-Demand Webinar)Mid-level giving is one of the greatest sources of predictable revenue for nonprofit organizations, yet, it is also the program that is most often under-resourced. In this on-demand webinar, Pursuant’s in-house mid-level giving experts share how to build a thriving mid-level giving program, and how to bridge the gap between direct marketing and major gifts through mid-level programs.

2. Donor Loyalty Benchmarking Study: There’s never been a study to establish what donor loyalty means and how we measure it across sectors, channels, sources, and giving levels… until now. This inaugural study exists to provide a baseline that your organization can use to elevate the commitment of your donors by improving retention and increasing lifetime value. This study goes hand-in-hand with our eBook, Driving Donor Loyalty.

3. First Impressions Cheat SheetAcquisition is one of the most common challenges fundraisers face. Making the right first impression with the right donors is even more difficult when your marketing and development departments aren’t aligned. This short resource is designed to help you create a new level of synergy between marketing and development when it comes to acquiring donors.

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