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Let’s face it… most nonprofits rely on major gifts from individuals to fund a significant portion of their annual budget. With the average age of today’s major donors continuing to increase year after year, many organizations are starting to worry about what might happen when those contributions stop coming.

If your donor pyramid isn’t taking shape where you have a full, healthy, and thriving base of general fund, mid-level, and major gift donors, you’ve probably stressed over questions like:

  • What will we do if we lose a major donor?
  • What will happen if retention rates for our general fund continue to drop?

The good news is that those challenges and worries can be answered with one simple solution…

The secret to building a sustainable future for every nonprofit

If your organization has ever worried about either of those questions, the best solution is to develop an intentional strategy for upgrading donors in the middle of your pyramid.

Most organizations have a rich source of untapped opportunity in the middle of the pyramid that they overlook. With so much focus put on the top and bottom of the donor pyramid, developing the middle is put on the back burner. The middle of your pyramid holds valuable opportunity, but getting results requires an informed strategy and specific knowledge about your mid-level prospect pool.

Upgrading general fund donors isn’t just a source of giving for today; it is a cultivation strategy for the major donors of tomorrow (tweet that). A mid-level giving strategy will add shape and give function to your donor pyramid, helping you lift low-level donors as well as build your pipeline of major donors.

Does your organization currently have a strategy for engaging and upgrading donors that specifically fall in the middle of your pyramid?