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Have you ever walked out of a movie theatre after watching a superhero film feeling like you could take over the world? (I must confess, I walked a little taller after watching Wonder Woman.)

Or did you ever feel a tightening in your throat after hearing someone share their story of overcoming incredible odds? I found Yeonmi Park’s speech about her life in North Korea and her call for action against human rights violators particularly moving.

Strong storytelling elicits a guttural reaction. Why?

Experiencing a well-told story moves humans in ways that a set of facts never will. That’s why storytelling is the heartbeat of fundraising.

But what is the oft-overlooked, challenging step that is key to telling the stories of your organization in a powerful way? Finding the right stories in the first place.

Story gathering is a critical component of effective storytelling. If you don’t find the right stories to tell, then your supporters will never hear them and be compelled to act as a result.

How do you find the right stories and tell them in such a way that inspires more action and greater generosity?

The Secret Ingredient to Effective Storytelling

On Thursday, June 29 at 12 PM CDT, join Pursuant’s Senior Vice President, Creative Director Andy Goldsmith and Vice President of Client Strategy, Alyssa Boger, for the webinar, Tell a Better Story, Inspire More Action. During the webinar, Andy and Alyssa will unpack:

  • Why storytelling is important for your organization’s growth
  • The elements of a great story
  • Case studies of organizations who used storytelling to incredible effect
  • How to create a culture of great story-gathering in your organization
  • Practical tips for adding storytelling to your fundraising messaging

Join Andy Goldsmith and Alyssa Boger for Tell A Better Story, Inspire More Action to learn how excellent storytelling can help your organization inspire donors to action like never before. Register for the webinar here.