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In the world of personality tests, the Enneagram is the hot new kid on the block — albeit it’s been around for thousands of years in different forms.

What sets the Enneagram apart is how it identifies the root motivations that drive individuals to act. It also uncovers common insecurities and responses to stress. Nonprofit teams that leverage the Enneagram will discover differences in how different members tick, which can help you avoid potential conflicts and collaborate more effectively.

In this episode, Go Beyond co-hosts Taylor Shanklin and Leah Davenport (Enneagram 4) discuss how to use insights from the Enneagram to cultivate more healthy relationships at work. They also discuss how to use insights from emotions to make systems and processes more efficient.

You’ll come away learning:

  • What the Enneagram is and how it uncovers individual motivation
  • How to leverage the Enneagram for greater insight into your team members
  • Ways to increase collaboration, avoid conflict, and streamline processes by analyzing your emotional responses to everyday workplaces stresses

Check out Leah’s favorite Enneagram assessment tool here.

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