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Nonprofits talk a lot about the practice of relationship fundraising and creating personalized experiences for their donors. But what if, in a few years, most of your donors were anonymous? How would that change the practice of relationship fundraising?

That might sound like a strange proposition, but the recent wave of data privacy laws, social media fundraising, and donor-advised funds mean that nonprofits might soon face a reality where they have to steward donors personally… while not knowing as much about them as they used to. We sat down with our CEO, Trent Ricker, to pick his brain on how nonprofits can act now to anticipate these changes and build a sustainable model for future growth.

You can download the resources discussed in this podcast here.

You’ll Come Away Learning:

  • How to build a sustainable model for growth at your nonprofit
  • How to practice relationship fundraising in a reality of donor anonymity
  • What to anticipate from present and future privacy laws

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