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Personalization and customized content is everywhere. From recommended products on your Amazon homepage to the local pizza place knowing your order before you call, businesses have figured out how to deliver custom content to their customers. Nonprofits have to catch up. Those who can will see tremendous lift in their giving. The good news is, marketing automation can help you figure out what your donors are interested in, and enable you to deliver personalized content on a massive scale with just a few hours of work.

In this episode of the Go Beyond Podcast, we sat down with Gabe Cooper of Virtuous CRM to discuss why it’s critical for nonprofits to focus on scaling their ability to deliver personal content to donors across the giving spectrum. More engaged donors = higher lifetime value across the board.

Giving is one of the most personal things you’ll ever do. The causes we care about have affected our lives very directly, but the nonprofit world has lagged behind businesses in tailoring their communication at the individual level.


You’ll come away learning:

  • Why it’s critical to communicate with all of your donors the same personal way you engage major donors
  • How to use marketing automation to help you scale your personalization capabilities
  • Easy workflows you can set up to deliver customized content to donor personas

In the episode, Gabe references “Crossing the Chasm: Marketing and Selling High-Tech Products to Mainstream Customers,” which you can purchase here.

Download the 2019 Pursuant Giving Outlook here:

Gabe Cooper is the Founder and CEO of Virtuous Software, a SaaS CRM and Marketing platform helping charities increase their impact.

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