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With everything happening in the world right now due to the global outbreak of the coronavirus, many nonprofits are having to cancel signature events and re-think the way they fundraise. The good news? Technology has evolved so much that we are now able to take many of these physical events and turn them into virtual events.

In this episode of Go Beyond, we sat down with Reggie Rivers, president of The Gala Team, to talk about how his team is helping organizations navigate these rough waters and take their event virtual…and be successful at doing so.

Reggie and the Gala team are hosting two special live broadcasts on Sunday March 29, 2020 at 2pm MST and Monday March 20 at 2pm MST. Tune into this Facebook page to see for yourself how to take an event virtual: www.facebook.com/TheGalaTeam/

Learn more about the work of the Gala Team here: virtualgalateam.com/


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