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Most organizations have high capacity donors hiding in plain sight.

A whopping 40% of donors in a recent study admit to having greater capacity than they are giving. But how do you connect the dots?  What data do you have to inform you? Chances are you have valuable observational data about your donors not being mined.

Today’s technology allows us to collect and analyze a plethora of data about our donors. How can you leverage it efficiently to find them, deepen your relationship with them, and upgrade their giving?

In “Discover High Capacity Donors Hiding in Plain Sight”  Rachel Muir and Greg Colunga unpack valuable insights to uncover your hidden gems and grow them into major gifts!

In the webinar, you’ll discover:

  • The core types of prospecting data for prospecting
  • The low hanging fruit of basic prospecting
  • How digital tools like video can dramatically enhance prospecting
  • 21 tools and tips to find donor prospects

Do you have donors in your file with the capacity to make major gifts who aren’t? Watch the webinar today to learn how you can identify and begin cultivating them today!