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Most nonprofits crafted custom 2020 experience plans for each major donor. Like all organizations, nonprofits are finding many of those carefully laid plans crumbling due to the COVID-19 outbreak.

Before your nonprofit tosses those plans out entirely, we recommend taking some time to reevaluate and pivot for the rest of the year. To get you started, here are five simple steps to shape your organization’s major donor strategy and get back on track for your 2020 funding.

#1 Review Your Major Gift Expectations

Take a look at your major gift plan for 2020. Identify where that major donor revenue is expected to come from by quarter—especially at the end of summer and the end of fiscal year—and build plans to reach that goal.

#2 Communicate Creatively

Lean into communicating and think multichannel. Head out to social media, leverage Zoom and Face Time, and add in new technologies. Communicate regularly and specifically, and build different communication streams with your major donors to set them apart from your other donor updates.

#3 Get Your Ask in Order

Create ask scenarios to understand when each of your major donors will be ready to make their gift. Understand what needs to be true and in place, both internally and externally, so that as soon as we enter a new normal, you’re ready to begin that conversation.

#4 Think beyond the Money

Remember that your major donors are people with needs and emotions. As you identify what can they give to you, be sure to think of what can you give to them. Use this time to deepen your relationship without ties to the donation.

#5 But Don’t Forget about the Money

Some of your most loyal supporters will be willing to step up to the plate and make major investment level gifts—especially for those facing summer fiscal year-end gaps. Major donors understand this isn’t about mismanagement; this isn’t a lack of organization and planning. They care passionately about what you do, and they want you to be able to close the fiscal year in healthy and powerful ways. So don’t be afraid to make those bridge-the-gap asks.

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Looking to Amplify Your Major Giving Program?

Most organizations are working to re-forecast based on best guesses related to the impact COVID-19 will have on revenue and fundraising programs – but guesses are simply not good enough. Pursuant is committed to help you ground your decisions in data that is complete and accurate.

The current environment may feel uncertain, but it is our collective responsibility to provide strength and stability – for each other, our donors and most of all, the constituents we serve.

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