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Do you want donors to associate your organization with a wildly impressive donor experience?

Everyone in your organization who touches a donor in any way needs to be part of intentionally creating a donor-centric experience—from initial impression, through the process of engagement, to the first gift and eventually to sustaining support or a major gift.

Journey mapping is a great tool to help you move your organization further down the donor-centric path. Most of us are not positioned in our organization to reinvent the structure or the performance management process, but we can introduce techniques that work within those structures and attempt to infuse different ways of thinking.

Donor Journey Guidebook: 5 Steps to Create a More Meaningful Experience For Your Donors

In the Donor Journey Guidebook you will walk through five steps that your organization can take to create a more meaningful experience for your donors. You will learn:  

  • How to decide on an audience and journey to design
  • The information you need to aggregate to flesh out your donor journey experience
  • Best practices of the journey mapping process
  • How to quickly demonstrate tangible impact using the output from the mapping process


Download the Donor Journey Guidebook today

to learn how to map out a donor journey that helps your organization improve culture and increases donor loyalty.