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See GivingDNA in action alongside your peers in fundraising. Tour the Platform on 5/26/21 @ 12pm CDT.

Sometimes it feels like there is just not enough time in the day to show up and do your best job as a fundraiser, right? There are so many new technologies and channels in which our donors engage in, and in which we use internally, that time feels like it is always fleeting. The good news is that there are new platforms today that actually save you time AND help you to improve fundraising results. We are here to share with you some exciting tools and capabilities with Pursuant’s Integrated Fundraising Hub. It does just this.

In this Mid-Level Master Series, Pursuant’s Ryan Carpenter and Whitney Norman will explore your burning questions about how to use some new business intelligence tools to drive your mid-level and upgrade programs:

  • How can I see and track my fundraising performance quickly?
  • How can I see my mid-level giving performance?
  • How can I activate my current donors more efficiently?

Watch the On-Demand Webinar here!